"Wonderful experience!"


Having only done a small amount of Bikram yoga and being a fan of 'energetic' sweaty exercise I wasn't sure what to expect but after only one session with Liisa I had a wonderful night's sleep and when I went running felt completely rejuvenated. The atmosphere in the class is wonderful and it's challenging and relaxing at the same time. I am so glad I went to the first class as I am now hooked!

Victoria Nash, Sydney


"I am pleased to introduce you Liisa Halme, THE best yoga teacher I have ever met and possibly one of the best yoga teachers in the world. Liisa has taught me for 5 years one-on-one as well as a in a small private group of friends once a week. I have also been on her retreat in Cyprus with my daughter and the same group. She is based between London and her native Finland and has run yoga retreats the world over.  Liisa also speaks about 6 languages..."

Victoria Spicer - Director PR Co, London

"The relief I got from Yoga for my excruciating back pain was a total miracle.  I hadn't been able to walk for days and was in so much pain, and work was piling up on me. I felt a lot better after just one Yoga therapy session, and that motivated me to continue with the practice. Now I just do a short and simple 15 minute practice at home every day and my back pain stays away. Completely gone. This really works, you have to try it to believe it. It's not worth dealing with back pain and taking pain killers day in day out! Now my Yoga time is something I really look forward to."

Zissou - Graphic designer, London / Melbourne / California

"I started doing 'man yoga' with a few friends once a week in the park with a private teacher. It was a lot of fun and soon we wanted to do two sessions a week, then went to classes at a local yoga studio  -which for huge and stiff rugby playing Ozzie and Kiwi guys had previously sounded very intimidating!  One of us went to India on a Yoga retreat with his girlfriend and most of us are still practicing more or less regularly. It helps keep my back in shape, deal with work stress and definitely is a big advantage in my sport."

 "Man Yoga student",  Sydney

"I was having all sorts of health troubles because of crazy work schedules and weekly business travel between continents. My sleep patterns were disturbed, I had back pain, high blood pressure and difficulty in relaxing. My stress levels were very high although I didn't realize it at the time, it was "normal" for me.  My girlfriend recommended doing yoga and found me a good private teacher, Liisa, by a friend's recommendation.  Already after one session I felt calmer and I slept like a  baby that night!  Gradually my stress levels and blood pressure reduced and the back pain stays in control when I make sure do my Yoga after long flights. All of the above also had a very positive effect on my relationship! Now I have a self practice program to follow and I can do it anywhere, in a small hotel room, even at the airport!  I still take private lessons once in a while, but mostly I practice on my own during my travels and at home. I'd recommend Yoga to anyone!"

Paul - COO, London

"Yoga is awesome for surfers!  When I started to do this practice with breathing and moving with breath it was magic: I'm so stable on my board and I feel totally one with the waves.  My body is lighter and mobile like I'm a teenager again, that's very important in surfing. My trainees and I now start every morning with a short Yoga practice on the beach before paddling out."

Jason - Pro Surfer, Barbados

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year and a half.  It was becoming quite stressful and actually made matters worse as one of the main reasons we hadn't become pregnant yet was likely to be stress.  We both had very full-on jobs and busy lives. The doctor said I should cut down my work load or think about working part time -and take up yoga. Stopping working wasn't really an option at the time, but instead we booked on a 10-day Yoga retreat in the Caribbean with Liisa.  During the retreat we did daily Yoga classes in a small group, and in addition I had a few private lessons with Liisa to establish a practice that was right for me and that would help us conceive. I can hardly explain how relieved, happy and surprised we were when we found out that we were finally pregnant -and tracked the timing to the last few days of the retreat!  Needless to say I carried on doing Yoga during the pregnancy and continued again soon after giving birth to a beautiful boy."
The Pattons, UK

"A single class is like a day in the spa."
Liisa is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge of yoga and manner in which she imparts it can't be faulted. She is both beautiful inside and out and her classes are inspiring and leave you feeling better.
Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator
How was the location?  Awesome

Carlin Wilson-Webb, Sydney

​"I can’t speak highly enough of Liisa’s skill as a Yoga teacher and practitioner.​ I went to Liisa for 5 private Yoga lessons after taking group classes of hers. As a runner, I had developed hip and buttock pain and stiffness which were becoming a chronic problem. Liisa developed a personalized therapeutic Yoga program for me to practice alongside my running training. The improvement to my pain over two months was phenomenal. Where I was once stiff and having trouble sleeping because of pain, I had now almost no pain or stiffness, and was soon able to get back to my normal training routine. I was able to incorporate some of the poses from the program into my post-run stretches and this made a huge difference. My mobility and flexibility in my hips has come along in leaps and bounds, and has improved my overall yoga practice. Most importantly, I learnt to really listen to my body and understand when it needed rest. It was always a joy to attend a Yoga session with Liisa, her studio is beautiful, and her extensive knowledge and beautiful personality make her a truly wonderful teacher."
Rosey Hancock,  Sydney