WHAT IS  Private Yoga?

The ancient practices of Yoga are powerful. They include Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises which improve and balance the flow of Prana, Vital energy -in Chinese tradition called Chi or Qi), Relaxation and Meditation. It is much more than just a physical exercise routine and has countless positive effects on mental and emotional wellness, energy levels and physical health. Correct Yoga practice makes you feel better in every way, and simply allows you to enjoy life more!


When it comes to Yoga one size doesn't fit all. We recommend one-on-one or small group lessons to ensure your yoga practice is right for you

Yoga practice should always be adapted to the individual taking into account their body type, age and health -even cultural background or religion. At its best Yoga helps you enjoy your life to the fullest with abundant energy and optimal health. It can help heal serious health issues from asthma to back pain, heart conditions and depression.  At its worst, the wrong type of physical practice can cause injury or make old ones worse!

Appropriate Yoga can help with Anxiety, Asthma, Back pain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Fertility, Heart conditions, High blood pressure, IBS, PMS, Stress, Weight management and more.


Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy (75 min)         $ 145.00 + GST    

Course of  5 / 10  Yoga sessions                  $ 650.00 / $ 1195.00 + GST

You can share the cost with up to 6 people.  

Ask for Quote for bigger groups!

You can feel positive effects after just one class. We recommend doing a few to establish your personal practice and to incorporate yoga into your daily life for lasting benefits.