Need some zen in your office? Private Yoga Sydney offers professional Yoga tuition for corporate groups, offices and events. We tailor-make the practice to suit the needs of your group so all you need to do is choose a time and venue​, get your people together and leave the rest to us. As the yoga ambassador of your company you can get your classes for free. Ask us how!
For office or event


Let's face it: Everyone knows Yoga is good for you. It's the perfect way to raise energy in the office or at any corporate / press event.

Yoga is a top selling word these days -for a reason!  Different companies, even banks,  market their business using the positive association of yoga and its well-known benefits.  They know we have all the reason to love it! Need we say more...

Weekly Yoga at your workplace is a great idea because:

  • ​It raises energy levels and is scientifically proven to significantly improve focus and concentration. Work better, struggle less!

  • Keeps you healthy inside and out, and reduces need for sick-days (that's for the HR). 

  • Is proven to reduce stress and improve tolerance of stressful situations.

  • Yoga practice and breathing together is a great way to break ice and get people to interact better.​​ 

  • Happier people  = Better work environment

Not to mention...

It gives your company a healthy image

Shows your company cares about employees' health and well-being.

Put your company in the category of desirable places to work

Our Services


It's simple: You choose your time and location, and let us do the rest! We cater for all your company's yogic needs from certified and insured teachers to mats, props and portable Hi-Fi. We work with experienced instructors of all different yoga styles and the classes will be designed specific to your requirements and preferences. Quality yoga mats are available for rent or buy for whole sale prices.

  We can provide:

  • Teacher to suit your needs (certified, insured and experienced, of course)
  • Mats, props, Hi-Fi
  • Portable music equipment
  • Authentic and safe, relaxing yet energizing yoga practice suitable for the group


Just like the rest  of it, the pricing will be matched to your needs. Depending whether individuals will pay for themselves separately of if the business entity is paying for the whole class, we either give you a per person price or one all-inclusive sum for the whole class -whatever works best for you.  Mats and any equipment rental can be included.


Offer: Be your company's yoga ambassador and organize your company's yoga classes with us to receive free classes!