My simple promise is to provide you with an appropriate personal Yoga practice so that you can enjoy optimal health and vitality -and enjoy your life more in every way! The teachers and therapists at Private Yoga Sydney have the qualifications and experience required for designing a practice that is just right for you. 

Every person is different. Needs vary between individuals and according to life situations. My passion is to make Yoga accessible to everyone, from inflexible office workers to injured athletes and pre- or post-natal ladies, and give you the right Yoga in all stages of your life. You can have the luxury of undivided attention in one-on-one lessons, or get a few friends together for group sessions. To complete our one-stop shop for all your natural health and well-being needs, we team up with fantastic holistic therapists and natural health care professionals to help you enjoy better health naturally.

Liisa Halme - Founder


My teacher Mark Whitwell says: "If you can breathe, you can do Yoga."


​Private Yoga Sydney founder Liisa Halme has studied and practiced Yoga since her late teens and has been teaching worldwide since completing her first yoga teacher training in 2003, giving her 15 years of professional experience. She has a holistic approach to Yoga and is dedicated to helping people find their own personal practice, suitable for the individual.  Liisa specialises in Yoga Therapy and Breathwork using these ancient practices to help with specific health and emotional issues. She is a registered a member of Australian Association of Yoga Therapists  and a Yoga Australia Level 3 / Senior Teacher.

All your classes with Private Yoga Sydney, be they one-on-one or in a group, are tailor-made to be just right for you. We take into account your body type, age and health.  We specialize in private one-on-one Yoga teaching, small private groups, corporate Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Our Double Bay Clinic caters for variety of holistic health-care needs from Hypnotherapy to Breathwork and EFT.

Available therapies and tuition include: Breathwork, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Private and Corporate Yoga classes.See more:  www.FreedomTechniques.com.au

All Private Yoga Sydney teachers and therapists are certified, experienced and insured. You are in safe hands!

See trailer for BBC documentary / DVD "Real Yoga for Real People" featuring Liisa and her teacher Mark Whitwell:




You can have private one-on-one or small group classes in the comfort and convenience of your home or office and have your teacher come to you.  This option is perfect for friends wanting to do classes together and share the cost. A meeting or conference room is generally perfect for this purpose. A large living area or terrace can serve as a suitable space in your home.


Yoga helps raise energy levels and improve concentration, works as a great ice breaker in team building events -and in the long run reduces need for sick leaves! Ask us for a quote for larger groups, events and corporate yoga. Prices can be worked on per-person or per-class bases. Guaranteed expert yoga tuition from​

certified and insured professionals to keep HR happy!​​



Yoga Therapy uses the ancient practices of Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Relaxation Techniques etc) to help with specific health issues from Asthma and Anxiety to Back pain and various injuries. Yoga Therapy session are normally one-to-one or small groups of people with similar health issues.




Our yoga studio is currently under renovations. Please contact us for different options and alternative locations.


In our Double Bay clinic we offer Breathwork Therapy, Hypnotherapy and EFT  to compliment your Yoga practice and assist healing anxiety, depression, trauma and emotional issues.  All classes and therapies by appointment. See more on:




Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy (75 min)        $ 130.00    

Course of  5 / 10  Yoga sessions                  $ 575.00 / $ 1000.00

Share the cost with up to 6 people.  Bigger groups: Ask for Quote!


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